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5 things I look forward to at this year’s Content Marketing Conference in Antwerp

I haven’t seen many events of this importance in Belgium, for what content marketing is concerned. So I would be crazy not to attend this year’s Content Marketing Conference in Antwerp. Here are five things I really look forward to.

    1. Doug Kessler: Taking a Stand: Content Marketing as Evangelism: I am a big fan of Velocity Partners. Their “Crap” post is some of the most inspirational stuff I have read over the past few months. So, needless to say, I am looking forward to what their co-founder will share with us. Oh, and it turns out that Mr. Kessler is a copywriter, which makes him even more sympathetic…
    2. Xaviera Ringeling: Masterclass content marketing strategy: let’s have a plan: “Xaviera Ringeling”? Only for her name’s sake, I would go and watch. But seriously, I have been reading a lot about content marketing strategy lately, and I am convinced that content marketing efforts are worthless without a good plan.
    3. Tom De Baere and Gianfranco Cuzziol: Content marketing: closing the loop: Tom De Baere is quickly becoming a legend on his own in the Belgian content marketing landscape. I missed his presentations a few times already, so I’m glad I can finally catch up. Tom apparently knows what he’s talking about, so I’m eager to learn from someone who walks the talk.
    4. Jay Baer: Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype: Boy, the Antwerp Content Marketing Conference surely managed to hook a big fish. Looking at Mr. Baer’s CV only makes me gasp for breath. You bet I am going to stand in line like a school-miss for his autograph.
    5. The network drink: Drinks, bites and great people. What’s there not to like?

See you there, folks!