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Why your technology start-up needs to start with content marketing

I love technology start-ups. The thrill of something new. The one-against-all feeling. The unshakable belief that your product is going to make a difference. But starting up also requires hard toil. If you decide to start, you will have to carry several hats and roll up your sleeves. As a novice entrepreneur, you will have to think of everything, including marketing.

If you read any marketing articles on the web lately, then you probably know already that content marketing is hot. But is it any useful for your technology start-up? You bet.

4 reasons why content marketing is the way to go for your technology start-up

Content marketing is no longer the best kept secret in the world of marketing. Many marketing teams have embraced it, or at least, tipped their toes into content marketing waters. But why should you care about it? 

Good stuff for Google

Are you writing a blog? Posting customer stories on your website? Good idea. Google is keen on your content. Fascinating and inspiring articles, in which you integrated the right keywords.  That is your road to success for attracting more visitors to your website. Unlike advertising or direct mail, providing useful content is a form of marketing where you offer your audience exactly that information it is looking for. We call this inbound marketing.

Social story

Having a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel might be cool. But have you thought about what you are going to share on these channels? That’s right. You will need to have content. Lots of it. Content is the meat on the social media bone. Without inspiring, educational or entertaining content, you should probably stay away from social media.

You are the expert.

You just launched the next best thing and you are an expert in your field. A knowledge leader, in gobbledygook terminology. Content marketing is the best way to spread your knowledge and to let your audience know you are a reliable source in your industry. Whether you’re using a blog post, educational video or SlideShare presentation, displaying your knowledge about your technology will help you grow confidence with your audience.

Outbound marketing

With inbound marketing being all the craze, let’s not tar and feather outbound marketing just yet. Outbound marketing means pushing your message toward your audience, via e-mails, banners or other media. Outbound marketing might be pushed a little into the background lately, which is not quite fair. Content marketing and outbound marketing don’t rule each other out. On the contrary, they reinforce each other. Outbound marketing can use strong content as bait, and increase the response rate of your campaign. Limited, targeted campaigns with content tailored to the target audience are much more effective than those in which you bombard half the world with a message that nobody is interested in.

Content marketing: gefundenes fretten for technology start-ups

Content marketing is a good way to increase your brand’s awareness and win customers.  And to me, technology start-ups and content marketing are a great match …

Share the ride

The entrepreneurial confidence might be at a historical low in my country, at the same time there is a hype surrounding the start-up scene has never been so big. At least, that is my personal impression. Entrepreneurship is hot and people like the success stories of starters. They are interested to know what has inspired them and which market need they are hoping to fulfill. As a start-up, you can use that interest in your content marketing plan. You could tell stories about the very beginning of your company, and how you discovered that your technology can solve a real-life problem. Talk about your motivation for beginning this start-up adventure. Let your audience in on your company culture.

It’s the technology, stupid.

Very often, a technology or industrial product cannot be explained fully in one or two sentences. That’s why you can use content marketing to tell how your product works, how it is used by your customers, and how relevant it is in your market. Case studies, success stories, testimonials, whitepapers. These are all perfect content marketing tools that can educate your audience in length. Let your customer do the talking and show some practical examples of how your product is used.

But before we leave … a few reality checks.

Content marketing and technology start-ups can become good friends. Not to say that they are a match made in heaven. But before you get started, here are a few reality checks.

Content marketing is not cheap.

It is a misconception that content marketing is cheap. Of course, content marketing is mainly fueled by your blood, sweat and tears. And of course, you do not have to spend money on expensive ads or banners. But if you want to market your content like a pro, then you have to realize that the package is also important. That’s why you should also invest in a good website or blog (OK, that does not have to cost much), an experienced agency that can support and inspire you in your content marketing strategy, and copywriters, graphic artists and video professionals that can help you produce your content.

Content marketing is hard work. 

Endurance is the hardest part of content marketing. We are talking about a marathon, not a sprint. The hunger for informative, inspiring and entertaining content with your target market is huge and once you have stepped into the content marketing treadmill you need to move forward. So try to keep a steady pace. Content marketing is not intended just to support your product launch, but it needs to be implemented at each stage of the sales cycle. Again, if you think you can not handle it alone, enlist the help of pros.

Content marketing is not about text only.

Blogs or articles are very valuable, but content marketing should not be limited to just text. People are visually oriented. Therefore, think about what you can do with images, infographics or YouTube.

Content marketing voor technology start-ups: the takeaways

In a nutshell… As a start-up entrepreneur, you will wear many hats. So many of them even that you might lose sight of a number of things, like marketing. Content marketing is a great way to put your technology start-up in the picture.  So don’t waste that opportunity.

A few take-aways:

  • Content marketing can make sure you are found in Google.
  • Content marketing is the engine of your social media strategy.
  • Content marketing will help you position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • You can combine content marketing with outbound marketing activities.
  • Content marketing is an ideal way to show a little of your company culture.
  • Use content to show how your technology product works in a real-life application.