Copywriting & content marketing for B2B & technology companies


Who ever decided that copywriting for B2B and technology companies should be dull and boring?

No one. However, for one reason or another, a lot of B2B copy excells in dullness. Too bad. Because what’s wrong with a little vitality and persuasion?

Your company too needs:

  • Newsletters or direct mails that generate response
  • Brochures or whitepapers that convince your readers
  • A website or blog that attracts more visitors
  • Press releases that get noticed with journalists
  • A professional image and accurate language in Dutch or English

Maybellene Communications will support you in all steps of the writing process:

Writing from a to z

You have a great idea, but no more than that. You need someone to turn your concept into words and write it out in a coherent and attractive story. Based on your briefing, Maybellene Communications takes care of your copy and delivers an effective message.

Re-writing your existing copy

No brochure or website stands the test of time. Your company and products are changing. Even you customers are changing. Maybellene Communications analyses your work and adapts your copy to your current needs.

Spelling, grammar and style check

Your copy is done, but you still need a second opinion. Maybellene Communications will dot the i’s for you, so you can send your copy to the outside world without any worries.

No words without image

We can work with your in-company graphics designer or bring in one of our freelance graphics designers in our network.

Questions about copywriting? Contact us:

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