Copywriting & content marketing for B2B & technology companies

The Maybellene Manifesto


Maybellene Communications focuses on copywriting, brand journalism and content marketing for B2B companies, technology companies and for anyone who has  a complex message to tell.

With Maybellene Communications, you can be sure of a copywriter who:

  • quickly understands and analyzes your subject;
  • clearly and convincingly articulates  your message;
  • is able to convince your company’s C-level as well as the technical staff.

We have some clear ideas about copywriting and marketing for B2B companies and technology companies. And we’ve written them down in  …

The Maybellene Manifesto

Educate your customer.

We’re not in the supermarket. The B2B sales cycle tends to be long. Along the way, B2B and technology buyers rely on lots of information to support their buying decision. That information will make your customer smarter and it needs to be found on your website, in your whitepaper, customer testimonial, or whatever document is suitable.

Death to gobbledygook!

Gobbledygook or excessive jargon needs to go. Vagueness hides incapacity. Bluff leads to irritation. Maybellene Communications prefers people language, even when the subject is hard to explain.

The customer is not a toddler.

To counter the previous argument: sometimes we need to use jargon. Why? Because we want to speak the language of the customer. And because sometimes there’s just no way of explaining the problem in everyday language. That’s why simplification is good, ‘dumbing down’ is not.

A touch of rock ‘n’ roll

In 1955, guitar god Chuck Berry invented rock ‘n’ rol. A few simple chords and guitar riffs was all it took to shake up music history. His motto? Simplicity and rhythm. Exactly what good communication should have. And exactly what Maybellene Communications is aiming at. Keep it simple. But not too simple either. Because language should sparkle. Call it verve, dash, or gusto. Maybellene Communications has it. And you can get it.

3,2,1 … action!

We already know for some time that content is king. But we love to put his majesty to work. Engaging content needs to stir action. Good copy must lead to more followers, more web traffic and more response.