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Who is Maybellene?


Freelance copywriter,
content marketeer

Maybellene Communications is the homebase of freelance copywriter Kristof Maddelein, master in Dutch & English linguistics, caffeine junk and die-hard Chuck Berry fan. Never chose between technology and marketing. Exactly why Maybellene Communications started in 2008.

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Maybe… what?

In 1955 guitar wonder Chuck Berry invented rock ‘n’ roll. A handful of simple chords and guitar solos was all he needed to give the then music history a kick in the ass. His motto? Simplicity and rhythm.

Exactly what good communication should have. And exactly what Maybellene Communications is aiming at. Keep it simple. But not too simple either. Because language should sparkle. Call it verve, dash, or gusto. Maybellene Communications has it. And you can get it.

Maybellene was a song by Chuck Berry which appeared in the American charts in 1955. The song is based on a blues progression and is considered as one of the first rock ‘n’ roll songs. Rolling Stone Magazine commented that “Rock & roll guitar starts here”.